Time: 2011-03-16


In an effort to restore the lost confidence in the toy industry following massive recalls in 2006 and 2007, the US Toy Industry Association (TIA) has created a new Toy Safety Certification Program (TSCP) that aims to establish clear safety compliance standards not only for products but for the development, manufacturing and testing procedures, assuring toys are produced and evaluated to a more consistent level of safety.

The TSCP will identify and address production problems early in the lifecycle before they have an opportunity to enter the marketplace.

The basic elements of the TSCP program are:

  1. Hazard and risk assessment for toy product design
  2. Assessment of factory process control by an independent audit body
  3. Production sample testing by an accredited laboratory
  4. Product Certification by a Certification Body

Key benefits of the TSCP

This mark will help assure consumers, retailers, government agencies and others that the toy bearing the mark will comply with applicable U.S. regulations and consensus safety standards. Use of the mark will be carefully monitored. The TSCP Electronic Certification System (ECS), a web-based platform provides a comprehensive workflow to help domestic manufacturers and importers of toys to the U.S. efficiently meet the General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) requirements of the CPSIA.

SGS is accredited as a Certification Body for the TSCP in the USA market

SGS North America, Inc has been accredited by ANSI in October 2009 as one of the first Certification Bodies (CB) for the TSCP in the USA market.

Upon successful completion of applicable requirements, SGS, as your Certification body, can certify your Toys, providing you with advantages such as meeting and providing CPSIA GCC and COC’s, availability of 0n-line Tracking Marking information and, when released by the TIA, being able to display the TSCP certification mark on the product or packaging.

Contact SGS experts to be fully prepared and have your toys certified so they will be able to proudly display the TSCP mark.

Visit the TSCP website.

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